Here’s a fun activity for creating a word list that you can use when you write creative stories and poems. It’s a quick resource for generating ideas.

Step one: divide your paper into ten sections.

Step two: write the following headings in each section, one heading per section.


Step three: in each section of your paper write ten words or phrases that match the heading. Use your favorites or anything that comes to mind. Be as creative as possible, making your lists fun, exciting, and delicious!

After you have completed your Special One Hundred, decide where to go from there! Your choices are limitless! Use your words and phrases in fresh new stories and poems.

VARIATION: For your categories, you can use more specific words, and then your lists in each category may be quite detailed. You can create many Special One Hundred pages to use whenever you need an idea. For example, if you are an animal lover, your categories could be different animals, then your lists will be specific to that type of animal. For example, for your heading, DOG. For your list: poodle, chihuahua, pug, shepherd, collie, beagle, Yorkie, boxer, dachshund, hound. Another heading might be FAVORITE WORDS: stupendous, candle, shade, brother, love, expressions, harmony, nerves, excitement, drums.

There are no limits to the categories, headings, or words you can pick!

Have fun creating your own SPECIAL ONE HUNDRED!