Every story has a hero; every hero has a story! Do you have a hero? Are you a hero? What is a hero? What is a Superhero? How are heroes different from Superheroes?

Some real-life heroes can be people like Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and Dolly Parton. A family member or teacher, or author might be your hero. Real-life heroes can come from history or other countries. They can be old, from the sports world, or the field of science.

Superheroes are extraordinary because they have special powers that real-life heroes don’t have, for example, Spiderman, Wonder Woman or Ilastigirl.

Magic Dragon is challenging you to write about a hero. Would you like to write about a superhero, or an ordinary person who is a hero, too? Is your hero a real person or a fantasy person? Is your fictional hero realistic, completely imaginary, or a little bit of both?

Think about your answers to these questions and decide on how you define or describe a hero. Use excellent descriptive words for your character’s appearance, attitude, thoughts, feelings, and behaviors.

Give your hero its own story. Create an adventure. Be sure to include what makes your character a hero. Get started on a new creative writing journey.

Just like all heroes, your ideas are sure to inspire everyone!