You will need:

  • Light colored oil pastel
  • Black oil pastel
  • Paper
  • Paint brush
  • Red, yellow, orange, white and green tempera paint
  • Paint mixing containers
artwrk - drawing of three pears

1. Draw the three pears on the paper with the light colored oil pastel. Start first with the left pear. Draw a circle in the center left side of the paper. Then draw a smaller circle directly on top of that circle. Draw parallel, vertical lines on either side of the smaller circle, down to connect to the larger, lower circle. Repeat that for the pear on the right side of the paper.

Draw the third pear on its side, starting with the larger circle in the middle of the paper, overlapping the left pear. Draw the smaller circle to the left and to the lower portion of the larger circle. Again, connect the two circles with gently curved lines from either side of the smaller circle. Finally add some stems and a couple leaves to the pear tops.

artwork - beginning of sketch of 3 pears
artwork sketch of three pears and paint color mixing containers

2. Mix paint into three different containers. The three different colors can be used interchangably. The sample shows yellow pears with a red background and green highlights but you can make three red pears with yellow highlights and a green background or three green pears with red highlights and a yellow background or whatever combination you choose.

3. The three color mixtures are:

  • Red: Red + small amount of orange and a bit of white.
  • Yellow: Yellow + some white and a bit of orange.
  • Green: Green + lots of white and some yellow.

4. On the back side of the printed paper draw a half circle. On one side of the half circle draw a head and beak and on the other side draw tail feathers. Cut out the shape. Draw and/or paint on a yellow beak, wing outline and an eye. Glue bird onto bird house where ever it looks best. Outline bird with Sharpie marker. Optional – Add more details on with colored pencil or oil pastels.

artwork - sketch of three pears before coloring