You will need:Michael Shi - Age 6

  • Pencil
  • Watercolor paper
  • Watercolor paint
  • Black and white crayons


1. Using a pencil, draw a large circle for its head in the top half of the paper, leaving room for stars and a moon above it.

How to 1

2. Draw a large tear drop shape just below the head. Then draw two legs and claws that curve to the left and right to show them gripping the branch. Continue the branch off the page on both sides. Wings can be drawn at his sides or up about to take flight. Owl eyes are its distinctive feature with two smaller circles inside both those circles. The triangular beak is then connected to the eyes with two parallel lines. Lastly draw two “ears” on the top of his head and a moon in the sky.

How to 2

3. With the black crayon trace over all your pencil lines, adding small details like spots or short hatch marks on the owl and/or the branch.

How to 3

4. With the white crayon, color in the moon pressing hard and possibly the whites of the owl’s eyes. Add stars in the sky and any details on the owl such as zig zag lines or spots.

How to 4

5. Paint all the background around the owl, right over the moon and stars, with black paint mixed with a little blue or purple and a lot of water. Paint the owl with some subtle contrast colors like yellow, blue and/or brown, painting right over the crayon details. The crayon markings will resist the watercolor paint.