Mixed MediaYou will need:

  • Brushes
  • Watercolor (or heavy) Paper
  • Watercolor Paint
  • Shishkabob/Wooden sticks
  • Black Drawing Ink
  • Chalk Pastels (optional)





1. Draw a basic pencil outline of a still life on watercolor paper. Use simple guidelines with no details, filling up  the whole paper with the still life.

Step 1

2. Wet the paper with clean water and brush. Don’t soak it completely just enough that the ink will flow across paper.
3. With wooden stick dipped in ink follow pencil lines. Don’t panic – ink will blob and spread beyond original line. Keep dipping the stick in ink as often as needed. Let painting dry.

4. Paint with watercolors, encouraging students to paint with light washes and not use the colors normally associated with the still life objects. Painting beyond the ink lines makes it more interesting also.

5. Pastels can be added after painting dries in selected highlighting areas. Don’t go crazy here.