HOW TO ART Max Wilson age 7You will need:

  • Black Sharpie Marker
  • Oil Pastels or Colored Pencils
  • White Paper
  • Black Paper
  • Scissors




Students studied Pablo Picasso’s “The Three Musicians” as an introduction to Abstract Art, suggesting that some art is like a mystery that needs to be solved.

1. Students trace their own hands several times on the white paper with black Sharpie markers. Hands should overlap each other at different angles with various amounts of the hand traced on the paper in order to make interesting intersecting lines.

How to 1

2. Students make one or more, various sized “frames,” cut out of the black paper, to highlight a specific section of the drawing.

How to 2

3. Oil Pastels or colored pencils are used to color just inside the “framed” section, either just warm colors or just cool colors.

How to 3