How to Art Meena Potter 12 PittsfordYou will need:

  • Black Paper
  • Tag Board or Cardstock
  • Scissors
  • Light Blue Tempera Paint
  • 2B Pencil & White Pencil
  • Crayola Construction Crayons




1. Draw a simple outline of a fish on cardstock or tagboard paper that is almost the full size of the black paper. Cut it out.

2. A small piece of rolled up tape can hold fish stencil on center of black paper. Brush blue tempera paint away from stencil edges onto black paper. Cover the black paper with blue paint.

3. With the white pencil, design various shapes and patterns on the fish, leaving black areas around the shapes for contrast.

4. Color the shapes with various crayon colors, blending colors in some of the shapes and leaving some solid colors.

Optional: A thin layer of Modge Podge can be brushed on after coloring.