You will need:

  • White paper
  • Pencil
  • Black Sharpie marker
  • Colored Markers or Paint
color rendition of completed abstract hand drawing

1. Use your dominant hand to trace your other hand several times on the white paper. Move the paper and your hand around so that they are at different angles and overlap each other. Trace all the way to the edge of the paper. Depending on the size of your paper draw at least 4 hands or more, on the paper.

2. In the negative space around the hands start drawing concentric circles starting and ending them wherever you want. Those circles can also overlap. Don’t forget the little spaces between the fingers. Decide which hand is on top of the other hand and erase any extra pencil lines that shouldn’t be there. Erase the lines of the hand that is on the bottom. Then draw stripes on the hands. They can start in any direction on the hand but then be consistent with your stripes. Put stripes on all the hands. With the black Sharpie marker trace over all your pencil lines on the hands and the concentric circles.

NOTE: If concentric circles are too difficult to do other random patterns could be drawn as well.

hand drawing step 2 illustration
illustration of step 3 in hand drawing How-To

3. The example was done with colored markers but paint, oil pastels or colored pencils could be used as well. Be thoughtful about the coloring too and have the hands be just warm or cool colors and then the background be the opposite. Also, as in this example, you can pick one color and do the hands in various shades and tints of that color and then pick another color for the background and do the background in various shades and tints of that color. The best part of this project is that when you are done you can hang this piece 4 different ways and get a different view each time!