You will need:

  • White paper and brown paper
  • Pencil
  • Tempera paints
  • Sponge
  • Paint Brush, scissors
Winter trees collage illustration
Winter trees collage illustration

1. Sponge paint using the white paper and tempera paints. One paper should be red and yellow paint, making sure not to blend too much. Another set of papers can be sponged using green, white and yellow paint, blue, green and white paint, blue green and black paint and/or green, yellow and blue paint.

2. Cut a large circle out of the warm color sponged paper. Cut the cool color paper into strips of about 4” wide, 9” tall to emphasize drawing and cutting the trees into long and very vertical triangles. In order to use as much of the painted paper as possible draw and cut out the triangles in opposite directions – one straight up the next one upside down. (Drawing on the back of the paper eliminates any pencil lines showing.

3. After you have cut out the sun and all the trees, lay them out on the brown paper to get the arrangement the way you want it before you glue it down. Then glue down all of your paper pieces, making sure to glue the tips of the trees well.

4. Add a white painted trunk line up the middle of each tree. Then vary the branch lines on each tree, creating an interesting pattern of lines. Some lines can go straight across, some angled up, some angled down and some can be just dashes of white paint – be creative! Optional white clouds can be added as well.

illustration of collage techniques