You will need:

  • Pencil
  • Black paper
  • 2 sheets of white paper
  • Water color paint
  • Black and white tempera paint
  • Oil Pastels
  • Paint brush
  • Scissors
  • Glue stick
artwork - collage depicting a cat

1. With one of the white pieces of paper and
watercolor paint, paint randomly all over the paper. Let colors blend and mix in various combinations. Leave some of the white of the paper as well, to create a more interesting design.

aerwork - sketch of a cat in progress

2. With the other piece of white paper draw a large cat. Draw a large circle on one side of the paper. For the body start drawing the cat’s back starting halfway down the circle of the head. Continue making a nice sloping curve all the way to the opposite edge of the paper and then down to create the first back leg.

Make another back leg trying to keep them the same size. Make two front legs too, again trying to keep them about the same size as the rear legs, with a larger space between the two sets of legs to create the belly. Don’t forget the triangle ears and a nice thick tail design! Finish with the details on the cat, draw the eyes, upside down triangle nose, his cute hooked mouth and whiskers. Also this is an artsy cat with all kinds of patterns and shapes decorating his body. Go wild!

3. Use the black oil pastel to redraw over the cat’s pencil lines, making sure to also outline the whole body. Using the black and white tempera paint, paint the cat using various tints and shades of gray all around the cat. After it dries, cut the cat shape out.

artwork - coloring in cat sketch

4. With the painted watercolor paper, after it dries, draw and cut out various flower and leaf shape designs. Make simple design shapes to best highlight the watercolor painting. Vary the size of the flowers and the leaves to create a more interesting collage. Use the oil pastels to add some simple design details to the flowers and leaves.

5. Glue the cut out cat to the black paper. Glue the flowers and leaves to the black paper around the cat. Don’t forget to have pieces overlap each other. The cat can be in front or the flowers and leaves. Placing things at an angle can make for a more dynamic visual as well. Having things pop off the edge of the paper is a fun advantage with college too!

artwork -= sketch of cat collage in progress